As a startup business, most cannot afford the exorbitant costs of outsourcing or hiring the skilled staff needed to help them build and manage their online environment.

The WEBBB Course, the only one of its kind in South Africa, is designed to aid aspiring entrepreneurs, with little or no web technology training, to acquire and understand the rudimentary skills required, to build and manage a Web Based Business. Our objective is to help Webpreneurs to reach their goals in the shortest possible time. To achieve this effectively and coherently we have chosen a video based tutorial teaching method, as this has allowed us to bundle vast amounts of information into one coherent short course.

WEBBB also provides two complementary elements - The Tool Kit “for practical’s”, composed of a Joomla 2.5 CMS (content management system (CMS), which enables you to build a powerful website), a domain name, 15 email accounts, 250 Megs hosting space for 1 year and a Community Support Platform.

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WEBBB is presented in a Video Screen Cast Format and facilitated by a WEBBB Consultant or the Tertiary Facility hosting the course.
Guest Lectures, all experts in the field, will also host sessions and further support will be offered by way of Q & A sessions on Skype with instructors.
Course content is available online for further review, however, copies of the course material may not be replicated as the course videos are the sole right of WEBBB.
The WEBBB course gives you the physical web business building tools and the practical skills needed to set up, start and run your own online business and through its many affiliate companies WEBBB also offers easy access to all aspects of services needed to help grow you’re on line business.
The Cost will vary from one training center to another, however, on average it will be +- R2 500, 00.
The Duration of the course is 10 days.


The Video Tutorial will feature, Athan Al Malambo, the founder and co-owner of MYCOZA (Pty Ltd) - a Domain Registration, Hosting, Design and Development Company based in Cape Town, South Africa.
Athan has extensive expertise as a web developer, tech entrepreneur and web tech startup advisor.
Athan has mentored many Webpreneurs who, with his guidance, have established themselves as successful businesses.
Athan has also assisted many corporates with the implementation and training of CMS management systems.


Course Subjects

How to manage your domain name including legal elements relating to ownership and validation of ownership.
The setup and management of domain enterprise business Email.
How website user support structures work and how they differ from each other.
How to manage your website by uploading your own content and layout structure.
How online marketing and SEO works and how to get the best out of it.
Understanding website traffic statistics.
Understanding how South African based Ecommerce works, its limitations and ways to work around it.
Learn how to make your website user-friendly, intuitive and optimized for your business model.

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